for the automotive industry


Our services include the cutting of aluminum and steel precision tubes. We can perform deburring, brushing and peeling operations. We deliver semi-products for further production process, cut to the length specified in the order. We also keep our own stock of precision tubes, which are supplied by the steelworks from Podbrezova, Slovakia.

Orbital cutting

We own a T-DRILL unit: our automatic machine with linear feeding for orbital cutting, i.e. chipless cutting and breaking, can cut 3 different lengths at one time. Cutting diameters: 8, 12, 12.7, 15, 18. Steel and aluminum tubes.

Cutting with saws - milling

Our automatic ADIGE machine is used for cutting with a milling cutter to one length of diameters 10, 12, 15, 16. Additionally, the machine is equipped with two brushes for deburring the tubes on both sides.


Another machine we own is the peeling machine. On this machine, lacquer coating is removed on tube ends for further processing. Peeling can be performed on various lengths within 10 mm – 25 mm.

Completed projects:

Milling cutter - tube prior to brushing

Orbital cutting with a cutter - tube ready for use

Milling cutter - tube after brushing

Tube after peeling

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