Automation and robotization

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Automation and robotization

We successfully complete projects in many different branches of automation and we are open to new challenges. The sectors we offer our services to include: storeroom automation, robotization, cutting applications, transportation systems, machines designed for specific tasks, diagnostic machines (leak tests and free flow tests), production lines.

Our machines and production lines are built based on Siemens and Schneider-Electric controllers. For interfaces between the operator and the machine we use Siemens, Proface, Schneider-Electric operator panels. On customer request, we are also able to implement applications for other popular hardware platforms.

We are also experienced in remote supervision and updates of machine control systems based on SECOMEA and eWON solutions to guarantee customer's constant service supervision in the warranty period, during startup and as an additional option for post-warranty support.

We are specialized in the selection and integration of COGNEX and KEYENCE vision systems.

Our applications based on the vision systems show high reliability.

We do not make compromises and do not promise a pie in the sky to our customers, our solutions are tested and carefully selected to provide reliability, easy servicing and maintenance, as well as extension and upgrade options.

We offer favorable terms for additional options to access the source code of our software to make it easier for the customer to adjust it. We are flexible in that respect. We are not using a tight policy for know-how protection. It is possible to purchase the software with a license that allows using it in customer's own solutions or software for sales for a specific order or workstation.

Thanks to regular training, our engineering personnel can cope with any challenge.

For developing machine control software and operator panel interfaces, we use licensed, up-to-date software.

We own software for offline setup and modification of robot operating trajectories, we can develop software for Yaskawa and ABB robots based on 3D models of the target machine and environment the machine will work in, which allows us to start machine software design long before any startup is possible on the physical workstation.

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